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The following is a list of achievements for the game Children of Zodiarcs. There are 40 Achievements for the game.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
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...has become the Dice Master
A bandit, a foreigner, and a noble walk into an ale house....jpg A bandit, a foreigner, and a noble walk into an ale house... What is this, some kind of joke?
A kinder guardian.jpg A kinder guardian Trigger an “If Guardian” Card effect
Bound by Fate.jpg Bound by Fate
Card assault.jpg Card assault Play 7 Cards in a row with the same character
Child's play.jpg Child's play
Children's Stories.jpg Children's Stories
Class... is dismissed..jpg Class... is dismissed.
Deck Building Ace.jpg Deck Building Ace Edit the decks of 3 different heroes
Dice Crafting Apprentice.jpg Dice Crafting Apprentice Craft 20 dice symbols
Dice Crafting Master.jpg Dice Crafting Master Craft 5 Lighting symbols
Faster than you can say “lockpick”.jpg Faster than you can say “lockpick”
'm guessing you like dice.jpg I'm guessing you like dice? Throw 17 dice in a single roll
Leave no witnesses.jpg Leave no witnesses Complete “Story Mission 4” without reaching the exit
Master of Zodiarcs.jpg Master of Zodiarcs Complete the game on Hard difficulty
My life might suck....jpg My life might suck...
Next time, make friends with salad.jpg Next time, make friends with salad
No need to run.jpg No need to run
One last round....jpg One last round... Give the audience what they paid for
Overcharged to the max.jpg Overcharged to the max Trigger an “If Overcharged” Card effect
Rerolling with the stars.jpg Rerolling with the stars Get 10 Star symbols through Rerolling in the same playthrough
Score of a Lifetime.jpg Score of a Lifetime
Send her back Home.jpg Send her back Home
Sic semper tyrannis.jpg Sic semper tyrannis
Skirmish Baroness.jpg Skirmish Baroness Complete 10 Skirmishes
Skirmish Queen.jpg Skirmish Queen Complete 5 Elite Skirmishes
The Arena has a new master.jpg The Arena has a new master Complete the Arena of Xin on Hard difficulty
The Dice Student....jpg The Dice Student... Equip any hero with three level 2 dice
The King is dead....jpg The King is dead...
The Zodiarc Relic.jpg The Zodiarc Relic
They left before their time.jpg They left before their time
They started it, you ended it.jpg They started it, you ended it
This is OUR turf.jpg This is OUR turf
Treasure them always.jpg Treasure them always Share moments of quiet with everyone
We can catch up to her later.jpg We can catch up to her later
What You Can't Steal.jpg What You Can't Steal
Wielder of the Shroud.jpg Wielder of the Shroud Trigger an “If Shrouded” Card effect
You can't touch this!.jpg You can't touch this! Complete a battle without being Counter-Attacked by an enemy
You laugh in the Boney Face of Fate.jpg You laugh in the Boney Face of Fate Complete the game without any heroes dying in battle
You're not a good friend, are you.jpg You're not a good friend, are you? Perform 10 Backstabs in the same playthrough