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The dice in Children of Zodiarcs can be customized like the card deck and the player is in full control of the orientation of the dice throw. There are chances a reroll will optimize results.

Dice Symbols[edit | edit source]

Shard - each shard increases the strenght of attacks or healing by HP
Heart - each heart heals the hero by 5 HP
Star - Triggers special effects on cards
Cards - For each draw card rolled, the Hero draws 1 Card from their deck
Shield - Each shield prevents 1HP of counter attack damage
Flash - Lightning gives the hero an extra action. Actions do not stack.

Negative Symbols[edit | edit source]

Dice also can be Cursed.

Cursed Shard - decreases the strenght of attacks or healing by 1 HP
Cursed Stars - prevents special effects on cards from triggering
Skull - damages the hero by 5 HP
Cursed Card - the hero discards 1 card from their hand

Rerolling[edit | edit source]

Rerolling can give better results. For every dice roll, you can select up to 2 dice to pick up and reroll.