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There is currently not much known about the gameplay of Children of Zodiarcs, but the information found on Steam or Kickstarter.

Genre[edit | edit source]

RPG, Indie, Strategy, Tactical, RPG Card Game

Rating[edit | edit source]

USK 12
ESRB - estimated "T"

Languages[edit | edit source]

You can play the game in the following languages:


Controls[edit | edit source]

To move a hero, first select it and then select its destination.

Camera controls[edit | edit source]

L - LMB - Arrow keys - Pan camera
R - RMB - Page up, Page down - Rotate camera
R - Mouse wheel - Home, End - Zoom camera

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Level and XP - Actions in battle yield XP. Level ups occur at every 100 XP and unlock dice slots, new cards and upgrade old cards.
HP - If a unit's HP reaches 0 during battle, the unit retires from battle.
ATK - Add 1 damage to physical attacks
M.ATK - Add 1 damage to magical attacks/increase healing done by 1 HP
DEF/M.DEF - Reduce 1 damage for physical/magical attacks
C.ATK - Add this value per card in hand + ATK as damage during counter attack
Move - number of tiles a unit is allowed to move during movement.

Tile colours: Movement[edit | edit source]

Light blue: Movement range preview. Highlight a unit and see how far it can move.
Purple: Select movement. After hero selection, choose a destination to move.

Tile colours: Targetting[edit | edit source]

Yellow: Range of a card. After card selection, the yellow tiles show the effective range of that card.
Red/Green: Affected target area. Highlight a yellow tile to see the cards target area. Units on red/green tiles will be affected.

Hand size[edit | edit source]

Units can hold up to 7 cards in their hand at any time. Any overdraw will automatically discard the leftmost card in hand.

Discarding[edit | edit source]

Discarding always affects the leftmost card in the unit's hand.

Equipping dice[edit | edit source]

The players decide, which dice is brought by the heroes into the battles
New dice are received as random rewards at the end of the battles
The dice a hero can equip can be found in their personal inventory.

Party Management[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Deck Building[edit | edit source]

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